1. Initials & Grade Exams :
    Intial stage includes introduction to the keyboard, keys, hand and finger movements, notations, chord, knowledge etc.

First term (3 months = 24 hours)

  • Up to exercise 63/ Lesson 13
  • Introducing notes of an octave, crotchet and Minim notes, rests, time signatures ¾, 4/4, chords of C- Major, tie, semibreve, quaver, dotted Minim and dotted crotchet notes, staccato, legato, slurs.

Second term (3 months = 24 hours)

  • Up to exercise 112/ Lesson 24
  • C- Major Scale, extended finger changes, G- Major Chords, F- Major Chords, and Arpeggios.
  • Other chords: Am, Gm, Dm, A.
  • Pause sign, Natural sign.

Third term (3 months = 24 hours)

  • Songs in C- Major with rhythm.

Fourth term (3 months = 24 hours)

  • Initial grade syllabus of Trinity College London.

Western keyboard students will be preparedand assisted  to write the  Grade examinations conducted by Trinity College of Music, London. Application forms have to be submitted by those wishing to appear for these exams. Dates will be notified on the notice-board.


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