Bharat Ratna Blessed Mother Teresa [1995]
Keep the joy of the loving God in your hearts and share this joy with all you meet. You will love each other as God loves each one of you.

Eminent Film Maker Sri Adoor Gopalkrishnan [1995]
Sandesha is a great concept. What is being achieved is remarkable. I have great admiration for all that is being pursued here with pure love and dedication.

Gnan Pith Sri M. T. Vasudevan Nair [1998]
I am deeply impressed by the functioning of this institution, Sandesha. Apart from the classical art- oriented curriculum, I feel happy to not that Sandesha is organizing literary meets and honoring creative talents in various fields. It is setting an example for other cultural organizations to create a multi-lingual fraternity. I wish this great institution all success.

Justice P. B. Sawant, Chairman, Press Council of India [1998]
Sandesha, true to its name , has been spreading the message of love, affinity and amity to all sections of the country. I wish the institution all success, for in it's success also lies the success of other institutions devoted to the same purpose.

Prof. Amrith Someshwar [1994]
Sandesha is like an oasis in the barren environment of today's society. The artistic activities that are nurtured and pursued here will serve to promote and sustain a healthy development of the society. Congratulations.

Journalist Sri Santhosh Kumar Gulvadi [1994]
At Sandesha there is a fine fusion of the eastern and western. The traditional Guru-Shishya teaching methodology has been re-introduced. This culmination of the media of music, dance and community gives rise to hope. The dedication, discipline and achievements apparent here is a testimony to the courage and foresight of Fr. Henry D'souza. I see an oasis that has stopped the progress of cultural barrenness in Mangalore.

Vice Chancellor Mangalore University Prof. S. Gopal [1996]
Sandesha is South Kanara's premier institute. An Institute that imparts knowledge and encourages deliberations on history, art and culture. May this Institute succeed in serving to be an inspiring force to humankind, to live in harmony, respect and probity.

Gnan Pith Prof. U. R. Ananthmurthy [1996]
Sandesha is unique. I do not have to talk about the necessity of such an Institution. Through their magnanimity and broad mindedness the people who serve in this Institution have earned everybody love. A entity that serves to enhance our awareness; we must support !

President Karnataka Vidhana Sabha Hon. Sri Ramesh Kumar [1999]
An institute which supports the development of a place ...where the heart hears and the mind is keen. Where the people who serve have made it their 'cause'. I am convinced that this place is the boiling point of my beliefs and desires. May all good come to you.

B. Hamumanthayya , Vice Chancellor, Mangalore university (2004)
Sandesha College is doing good and providing good education in art and fine arts. This is a unique college undertaken this job of providing this education. It has a good future.

Padmashree Adoor Gopalakrishnan(2004)
My visit to Sandesha has been a memorable experience. I like this ambiance and thus the most important thing, the excellent work being done here. It should nurture and nourish the artistic spark in the young minds and help them to develop themselves as artists and become communicators of these arts with a firm commitment to social cause. I wish this institution long life and peaceful service to the society.




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